Meet the Character: Riordan Boyle

You might not have met Riordan Boyle, but you’ve probably seen him telling stories, maybe even stopped to listen while shopping at O’Leary’s Market or on your way to a table at Corcoran’s Pub.

Boyle’s a third-generation lawyer, and is well-known in town for taking on cases other atttorneys wouldn’t touch. He does pro bono work for clients of some of the local social services agencies, and credits longtime friend Becca Stone with opening his eyes to some of the groups that needed help.

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Inspirational Lawyers: Can You Name Them?

I’ve got a little contest running over at my Facebook page. There’s a great blog post highlighting the “Manliness of Atticus Finch” floating around. Atticus, for so many reasons, is probably my favorite fictional character of all time. He’s also one-fourth of the inspiration for Riordan, Exeter’s lawyer — or at least his approach to law.

The first person to correctly guess the other three lawyers and post it on Facebook gets a free copy of All That Is Necessary when it comes out in the spring.

One clue: Of the four lawyers, two are real, and two are fictional.

Story Cubes Challenge Round 9: Now What?

This isn’t truly a Story Cubes Challenge entry because my cubes are at home, but I woke up this morning with some Thanksgiving football plot bunnies hopping madly in my head. If you’re not from Massachusetts, the annual high school Thanksgiving Day rivalry game is hotly contested and a huge town tradition for most schools. Exeter is no different. If you’ve read Thrown Out, this is set the Thanksgiving before. 

Now What?

Thanksgiving Day, 2000

Dan pulled on his coat and left his apartment, shivering a little as the cold air hit his face. He pulled his good gloves from the pockets as he walked across the lawn to the house. The kitchen door was open, and Mom and Maggie were already cooking.

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Story Cubes Challenge – Week 7

If you read the piece I did the other day about how I write with Rory’s Story Cubes, this is the story I was working on as I wrote it. As always, these challenge entries are basically rough drafts — my editor makes sure stories go through many, many revisions before they make it into a book. 😉
Prompts: Scales (of justice), magnifying glass, thought bubble, bridge, fire, parachute, tree, key, smiley face

Mysteries Past

Ellie returned to the living room, coffee pot in hand. After she refilled mugs, she stopped to feed another log into the fireplace. When she came back and sank into the worn, overstuffed armchair, the room was quiet.

“Don’t tell me Riordan finally ran out of stories to tell.” She looked over at her aunt’s… Well, whatever they were. “I didn’t think that was possible.”

“What would you like to hear?” Riordan sipped his Irish Breakfast tea, one arm around Aunt Becca’s shoulders.

Ellie tucked her legs up under her, mirroring her aunt’s posture. “What was Exeter like during World War II?” She hesitated. “Or do you not remember back that far.”

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