Thrown Out Cover Art – Which Do You Like Best?

ETA: Thanks to feedback here and on Facebook, I fiddled with somethings and added eight more covers. Again, all comments and suggestions are welcome. Molly Greene had a great one for the type layout, and several had comments on ways to improve the background colors. 

Thanks to the dark background on the Kindle Fire, covers that look great on the white background of Amazon’s pages don’t pop off the driftwood gray Fire browsing page. So, like many authors, I’m punching up my cover. It’s also a chance to rework the cover to fit the overall look I have in mind for the series because it’s a more consistent look and allows for better art because I’m not constricted by white space limitations.

So, which of these covers grabs your eye best when you look at it?


11 thoughts on “Thrown Out Cover Art – Which Do You Like Best?

  1. Hi Jennie – I am really torn between the Red and the 3rd green on the right.

    I like the color of the trees, it sets off the title and pops on the cover!


  2. Thanks, ladies! Red and the third green one seem to be the general consensus between here and FB. Might try tweaking the green to a slightly darker shade – enough to still pop but not so bright.

  3. I like #1, top left green. BUT, I’ll be contrary and say I’d try a variation with author’s name centered at bottom (as in #1) but title offset as in #2 and #3 green versions. Good show, Jennie!

  4. Rather than improving anything with all these variations, I think you’re just driving yourself crazy and making you second guess in ways that – and I say this as a professionally trained Photoshop user – you could keep up forever without ever reaching a conclusion. Hate the yellow, hate the red filter, all the rest are really the same, the differences balance out. Just pick one. You’re not doing yourself any favors by continuing. A circle hath no end, and this particular path you’re on is indeed a circle.

    • No craziness. 🙂 This took me maybe 20-30 minutes to fiddle with the various elements based on earlier feedback and swap out all the variations. Now that I’ve done that, I have some definite preferences seeing them all side-by-side. But it’s always worth tossing things out for a second, third or fourth set of eyes/comments. For me, just the act of trying it and looking at it compared to others helps me decide what was a good idea and what was a fix that didn’t work. And listening to reactions knowing what I was going for also helps me figure out if it created the desired effect.

  5. I really like the last one! Really think that the red pops out and catches the attention. I think you are wise to use colors already in the background because it sort of ties everything together 🙂

  6. Just fiddled with it again after seeing them all lined up – things that didn’t look that odd big looked weird when I shrunk them down, especially that red saturation. Added three more, the last three in the gallery. Took the red back toward red from orange then toned it down to more of a crimson. And I liked how the poster filter added some back edges to the art – more definition in the smaller size and the black helped to balance the colors. Probably going to go with one of the last two – still debating whether I like red or green more for a background.

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