Chugging toward publication

I’ve been quiet over here, but writing away behind the scenes. I’m hoping by late next week or early the following week to publish a short-story collection I’ve been working on. It will be e-book only, but I’m going through Smashwords, so all versions, including PDF, will be supported. A couple of the stories are drawn from Story Cubes Challenge entries I liked, but the longest is one I haven’t mentioned yet. I should know more in a few days about timing — stay tuned!


9 thoughts on “Chugging toward publication

    • Thanks! I might be nuts for trying to do this the same two weeks I’m prepping for gym launch and covering for vacations at work, but I want to at least try to have it ready before the Business Week article comes out in case I’m actually quoted in it. They say luck is preparation meeting opportunity. Since the opportunity has a specific date attached to it…

    • I had planned to finish the draft of one short story and the novella before vacation so I could dive into Book 1 on vacation, but this shuffled priorities a bit. Just seemed like too good a chance to miss. We’ll see if I can pull it off – bunnies need to cooperate tonight.

    • Thanks, Aleta! Plan is a collection of three short stories, about 12,000 words total. Finally finished the rough draft of the last one today. Now, on to revisions!!!

    • My Plan B is to post a PDF version of the shortest one and promo the collection with a release date. Now that I have the last one drafted and enough feedback to give me some good guidance on revisions, I think I’m in good shape. *crosses fingers*

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