Too many good blogs, too little time

Made it through two marathon days, but my list of good blog links I’ve been collecting to riff off of for another publishing/writing post is starting to stack up. Since it’s going to be at least tonight, possibly tomorrow, before I can get to it — and there’s some great information in them — I wanted to push them out here so you can poke around until I have a chance to assemble my thoughts into something coherent.

Anne Allen on “Is the e-book the new query?” Anne and I were having some discussions on Twitter on related topics after she blogged, some of which I’ll pull into the promised post.

Jane Friedman on “Should you Self-Publish after a Near Miss?”

Rachelle Gardner on “Will Self-Pubbing Hurt My Chances?”


2 thoughts on “Too many good blogs, too little time

  1. Ooooh. I can’t wait to see what you have to say about all this. It’s an exciting time for writers, but that doesn’t mean anything is easy. Self-publishing has lost its stigma–I was so glad to see Rachelle say that–but it’s a whole lot of hard work and requires a financial investment. Some people are natural entrepreneurs, but others work better as part of a team, and would like an agent or a small publisher on their side.

  2. No, definitely not easy. But I think — as we’ve seen with some bloggers — that the lack of barriers to entry gives the talented more of a chance to rise to the top than when there was the all-powerful gatekeeper. But there’s a lot of hard work that goes into that, and just because you’re not necessarily spending all that time and effort querying and working on the traditional steps doesn’t mean that time is freed up — it just goes another direction into marketing and promotion. That, however, requires either a diverse skill set, or money to hire professionals. Or both.

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