All That Is Necessary

“Believable characters, an intricate plot, an absence of fluff, a thread of social justice, and the anticipation of more plot twists to come, All That Is Necessary will challenge you to keep up, and you’ll keep turning the pages to do just that.” — Phyllis Anne Duncan, author of Spy Flash, Blood Vengeance and Fences

The last time Dan Reilly saw his childhood best friend was when the ATIN ebookState Police arrested Rick’s dad for trying to kill Dan and his uncle. After twenty years, Rick Murray has come back to Exeter and brought whispers of the past with him. As childhood memories run headlong into the reality of what happened that summer, both men must adjust to the idea that things weren’t as simple as they seemed back then.
All That Is Necessary explores the collision between past and present, between memory and reality, and between two former friends whose lives changed one summer.

All That Is Necessary — on Kindle or in paperback.

Reviews of Thrown Out

“…rich, realistic people who ‘pop’ right out of the page.”

“The storylines were compelling…”

“…Coughlin can count herself as the most recent in a long line of Irish storytellers.”

“I could feel Chris’ pain on every page…”

“…extremely well-written stories…”

Get Thrown Out: Stories from Exeter today: Kindle or Paperback

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